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Inventi Rapid: Pharm Tech
publication date: 2010/12/30

                  Priya Dhule* , Dinesh Dhamecha, Swapnil Deshpande , Swapnil Durgude , Vivek Rajendra

The literature reveals the wide applicability of effervescent system in different fields of pharmaceutical science. The effervescent system has established its superiority over other dosage forms where an active ingredient suffers either from bitter taste, low water solubility, low bioavailability or need faster onset of action. Recent trends of patient oriented practice demand design of patient oriented dosage form to achieve patient compliance and better drug release profile. The number of formulation related factors contributes to non-compliance and inadequate drug release profile. Hence, there is a need to design patient oriented drug delivery system. Effervescent tablets are ideal ones to improve the patient compliance. In this review, we will discuss mainly the market status, patent study, excipients used, evaluation techniques, stability considerations and biopharmaceutical aspects of effervescent tablet.

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Priya Dhule* , Dinesh Dhamecha, Swapnil Deshpande , Swapnil Durgude , Vivek Rajendra,  " EFFERVESCENT TABLETS: A CONCISE REVIEW ",  Inventi Rapid: Pharm Tech ,  Vol. 2010 , Article ID- " Inventi:pt/175/10 " 2010  [ cited 2014 Jul 27 ]  Available From  

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