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Inventi Impact: Nutraceuticals
publication date: 2011/4/15

                  K Vohra*, VK Gupta, G Pal

Medicinal plants play an important role in the management of Hyperlipidemia especially in the developing countries where resources are meager. This review presents the profiles of plants with antihyperlipidemic properties reported in the literature in the last years. The profiles presented include information about scientific name, family, distribution, use, experimental methodology used, effect and active agents. Many plants have been described in this review clearly demonstrating the importance of herbal plants in the treatment of Hyperlipidemia. It also shows the effort to isolate new potential antihyperlipidemic agents. The effects of these may delay the development of lipid related complications and correct the metabolic abnormalities. A focus on hyperlipidemia, lipid profile, its types, etiology, induction methods and allopathic management is also reviewed.

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K Vohra*, VK Gupta, G Pal,  " A REVIEW ON HYPERLIPIDEMIA AND ITS HERBAL MANAGEMENT ",  Inventi Impact: Nutraceuticals ,  Vol. 2011 , Article ID- " Inventi:nc/70/11 " 2011  [ cited 2014 Jul 25 ]  Available From  

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